NEXUS helps companies maximize the potential and value of their data assets by intelligently managing and operating customer lifecycle data. The NEXUS platform combines powerful data collection, processing and governance capabilities with powerful custom analytics and BI and AI-driven insights to enable seamless data applications and create a truly intelligent global marketing closed loop. Enable 360-degree intelligent customer insights, smart marketing and personalization, ultimately enabling data-driven marketing freedom.

Application Scenario

Intelligent Marketing

Realized personalized real-time data-driven intelligent marketing

Customer Insight & BI

Allow multi-dimensional analysis of massive customer data, custom insights and BI

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer experience optimization and intelligent customer lifecycle management

Loyalty & Repurchase

Improve customer loyalty, repurchase rate, LTV, and reduce churn rate

Intelligent Customer Service

Use real-time insights to deliver better customer services

Nexus Function Diagram

Data Source

Real time data

Data Stream

Offline data

Operation Data Base
Data lake/ Warehouse
Big Data Platform/ Hadoop
CRM/ERM/Business system
POS/ Trade system

Data Management

Data collection/Link

Data Tracking
Data Tracking
Real time data source

Data processing
Data transfer

Data management
Data source management

Data Mart

ID mapping

user portrait

Dimension / Metrics


Analysis & Insight

multiresolution analysis

Tag Management Platform

Multi-dimension tag system
Multi-dimension tag rules
Tag task / Jobs
User portraits/ Tag
Segments /managements

BI/ Data visualization

AI/ Machine learning

Customer churn predicting

Intelligent push

Customer CLV

Customer character

Cross sale

Customer wake up


Intelligent marketing engine


SMS/ Direct Response Sale

APP push


Offline retail

TMK/ Client