Industry Pain Points

Solution Highlights

Support the collection of online and offline data through buried points, ETL, data import and other methods

Unified data platform, connection to real-time offline data, unified data output

Unify multi-channel user data, build user models, design tag portraits, decide behavioral attributes, personal attributes and value attributes, generate multi-dimensional user portraits, conduct 360° deep insight analysis, and support business decisions.

Integrate AI capabilities to build retail network by using physical attributes of customers and products in the knowledge graph. Provide profound data insight to assist personalized product recommendation, personalized operation and personalized marketing.

For users in different lifecycles, different operation plans are formulated at different stages to effectively trigger key behaviors through automatic operations. Seize opportunities to market accurately.

In campaign operation, refined operation strategies covering the user life cycle are developed according to the target group and direction through promotion, issuing coupon vouchers and fission. In channel operation, customer acquisition cost is reduced in a targeted manner based on different channel efficiency.

Solution Architecture

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